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Friday, September 26, 2014

South Korea Blueberry Mania Continues

I just checked the export statistics last night in anticipation of upcoming grower meetings.   Back in 2004 when USHBC began promotions -- 350,000 lbs. of frozen blueberries.
So far in 2014, more than 10 million lbs as of July 2014!
First of all -- 감사합니다
Say Gam Sa Mee Dah thank you!!!
South Korea is now the largest offshore (non-Canadian) market for frozen blueberries.
What is happening?
Health and beauty continue to drive demand. Where much of the blueberries in past years have been consumer polybag -- now the major food manufacturers are getting into the act!
That means long term usage.
Here are just a few items on the shelves in Korea this month.
Blueberry Milk sold at convenience stores.


Blueberry Mochi - This is a rice based confectionery from Japan!  

Blueberry Cake - Single Serving.  

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