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Wednesday, June 28, 2017

Taiwan Bakery Seminar - 2017

Taiwan is the trend setter of Greater China for bakeries.  Bakers are always on the lookout for the next big thing.   Blueberry Mandy worked with Katherine Lee of the USDA-FAS Agricultural Trade Office (ATO) Taipei to implement a seminar on baking trends.

The Presentation:

Chef Action:

Master Chef at work

Local celebrity chef -- loves blueberries!

Master of Ceremonies - Local Food Editor

Attendees from some of the leading bakeries in Taiwan

Katherine from USDA-FAS -- a great booster of blueberries.  Below is her boss, Chris Frederick, also a big blueberry fan!

This is blueberry Mandy.  She had the awesome task of arranging the chef and translating for me which is really difficult as I never follow the script!

Beautiful products use all sorts of blueberries and clever techniques

Chef demo

Super fancy muffins, use frozen blueberries!  This is a big development in Taiwan.

This is a blueberry sandwich using dried blueberries in bun and frozen in a risotto filling.   This was my lunch for entire visit to Taipei!  Yummy

Chef artistry

Tuesday, June 27, 2017

Congratulations to IG International - India

Wow!  Check out this report from India.  IG International a leading fruit importer and distributor in India.  They are now behind a fresh blueberry push!  Check out those large clamshells!  Thanks to IG for promoting US blueberries this season!

Sunday, June 25, 2017

Food Taipei - 2017

Taiwan was the first export market which the NABC (and later the USHBC) approached for market development.  It is a small market of just 22 million population.  But, it is a very important trendsetting market for all of greater China.  Taiwan companies like President Enterprises are massive on the Chinese mainland.

A return to Taiwan is "old home week" and many of our friends for years visit.   It is heartening to see the market develop from fresh to frozen and now dried blueberries and ingredient solutions such as powders, purees and concentrates.

Here are some shots from our good friends in Taiwan!

Set up day -- No air con and 90F 90% humidity!

USA has a major presence.   On the left is what is called the Taiwan Free Trade Area which is composed of countries who recognize the Republic of China.

Team Blueberry readies for the rush!  

And, here we go.   

We met many of the current blueberry users including frozen and dried.  They all want more!

Tuesday, June 20, 2017

Beauty Sells in Taiwan!

Here are some action shots from Blueberry Mandy's work in Taiwan!   This was a project of opportunity and too good to pass up!  Congratulations to our Blueberry Mandy (Mandy Chen) for a Great job!  With the launch of Wellcome's national TV and Social Media Campaign it was a good time for USHBC-Taiwan to cooperate!  This campaign launches an energized campaign that will last 48 days at hundreds of stores island wide!   Wellcome and high end market Jason's Markets features fresh blueberries from several shippers in the USA.

New point of sales poster
This is "Blueberry Mandy"

Sampling including dried in some stoees

Wellcome developed new USA blueberry point-of-sales materials

Promoters worked with whatever space they could grab.  Consumers were happy to see the California blueberries in the market!

This lady purchased a six-pack

Wellcome developed a wonderful Facebook site for blueberries.  https://www.facebook.com/wellcome.tw/videos/1803978419619271/

Wellcome was happy to include the Little Blue Dynamos logo which highlighted the USA origin.

Mandy developed questions for an in-store contest.  

Monday, June 19, 2017

Happy Birthday Blue Me!

It was three years ago that our loveable mascot Blue-Me in Korea jumped into our promotion program!   We had more than 80 artists send entries in our mascot contest.   Some very creative entries and we will reminisce later!   We will even play the mascot song for those of you who cannot get enough Blue-Me.

But for now:  Happy Birthday Blue Me!!!

Blue Me is introduced by Kristie Park and Hyewon Shin of KBSI in Seoul.  They coordinated the mascot contest that created this lovable creature which has seen continual duty in retail promotions and trade show and media appearances.  

Sunday, June 18, 2017

Big time Blueberry use in Korean Coffee Shop Chain

You never need to look too far for a coffee in Korea.  Shops are everywhere in cities large and small.  Some comment you cannot stand in one place and not see five!
Drop Top is one you cannot miss!

You may recognize this outlet if you watch Korean Dramas on TV.   

You will find Drop Tops all over Korea.   The franchise is growing fast with hundreds according to their website.   Now check out the innovation with fresh and frozen blueberries.  Now -- that is a lot of blueberry on a tart!

Saturday, June 17, 2017

Friday, June 16, 2017

Beauty Sells in Taiwan

We have been discussing beauty, beauty from within and beauty-in-advance for some time now.   This is what on the chalkboard at major food processing companies around the world.   No -- we are not talking about putting blueberries into cosmetics.   That is happening at a rapid pace especially in Asia.  What we are talking about is the association of blueberries with beauty and skin care. 
This includes traditional Chinese medicine beliefs and also the development of products with beauty-associated ingredients such as collagen, lutein and quite often -- blueberries.  When you talk to consumers of all ages in South Korea, China and that huge region we call Greater China -- the response -- "blueberries are good for skin."

Here is a great example of a national television and web campaign by Wellcome Supermarkets in Taiwan.   This ad conveniently runs in advance of Wellcome's big 48 day USA blueberry promotion to kick off the season..

The text -- "are you going out on a date?  Eat blueberries for beautiful skin.

Note: blueberries have been identified as a traditional Chinese medicine for centuries and almost all is associated with skin care and women's health.  USHBC marketing campaigns in Taiwan are not specifically promoting skin care.   But, we certainly benefit from the customer association with beauty.  

Stay tuned for more Taiwan action!  

Thursday, June 15, 2017

Introducing the Real Blueberries Seal!

Food Processors in North America and around the world are checking out the USHBC Real Blueberries Seal.


Check out the different versions that pop right off of the shelf!

Real Blueberries

Real Blueberries Inside

Real Blueberries Website - www.realblueberries