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Friday, June 16, 2017

Beauty Sells in Taiwan

We have been discussing beauty, beauty from within and beauty-in-advance for some time now.   This is what on the chalkboard at major food processing companies around the world.   No -- we are not talking about putting blueberries into cosmetics.   That is happening at a rapid pace especially in Asia.  What we are talking about is the association of blueberries with beauty and skin care. 
This includes traditional Chinese medicine beliefs and also the development of products with beauty-associated ingredients such as collagen, lutein and quite often -- blueberries.  When you talk to consumers of all ages in South Korea, China and that huge region we call Greater China -- the response -- "blueberries are good for skin."

Here is a great example of a national television and web campaign by Wellcome Supermarkets in Taiwan.   This ad conveniently runs in advance of Wellcome's big 48 day USA blueberry promotion to kick off the season..

The text -- "are you going out on a date?  Eat blueberries for beautiful skin.

Note: blueberries have been identified as a traditional Chinese medicine for centuries and almost all is associated with skin care and women's health.  USHBC marketing campaigns in Taiwan are not specifically promoting skin care.   But, we certainly benefit from the customer association with beauty.  

Stay tuned for more Taiwan action!  

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