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Tuesday, October 27, 2015

Latin America Markets Develop!

USHBC has paid attention to our neighbors to the south with fresh and processed promotions and exhibitions.  This region known as the Caribbean Basin included the big countries of Mexico and Brazil, but also dozens of smaller countries and island nations.   Dominican Republic = 10.4 million
Costa Rica = 4.8 million.  Trinidad and Tobago = 1.3 million.   Besides the local populations -- these nations all have active tourism businesses.   Miami is the central supply center for these countries and since most import just about all of their needs -- the major importers, grocers and food processors on these islands will work with consolidators who buy and warehouse and ship.   These little markets combined do add up!  We estimate more than 4 million lbs of US blueberries to the Caribbean Island Region alone!   We see further growth in Central America with countries like Costa Rica, Colombia and and others developing strong food industries and growing interest in blueberries.

Latin America does matter and here are the current statistics:

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