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Wednesday, March 8, 2017

American Frozen Food Instiute - (AFFI-Con)

Each year the buyers, sellers and suppliers to the frozen food industry congregate on the West Coast for an annual meeting.  Some still call it "Western" but this is the center for frozen food activity worldwide.  Welcome to AFFI-Con.

For the past five years, USHBC has exhibited with a booth at this event in what is called the "hub area."  This is where registrants sign in and also gather in between scheduled meetings.  This event is all about meetings.  In the evening this is also the place where craft beers are dispensed!

AFFI brings together suppliers and buyers from around the world and this year we met visitors from all continents.  Most importantly -- this was an opportunity to meet our blueberry industry people.  The USHBC was the place to be at AFFI and a great place to hang out, talk with USHBC and other blueberry industry attendees. 

For me -- the "Blueberry Guy" the most important thing was getting to meet attendees who do not attend out bi-annual meetings.   See you next year!

Visitors from Korea meet Mississippi grower and talk tea!

Count the number of blueberry industry folk in this random photo taken in front of the USHBC booth.

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