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Friday, December 1, 2017

Sunyong Lee Attends Shoei Expo

What makes overseas promotions work?  Importers and distributors of course.  

In Japan, USHBC works in teamwork with a number of frozen, dried and fresh importers.  Just like back in the USA -- these important "Channel partners" visit the factories, company offices, and continually develop good customer relations.

  • 150 exhibitors
  • 5,000 visitors

This month, Sunyong Lee -- our Blueberry FoodTech Ambassador in Korea visited Japan to attend the 70th Anniversary Celebration of Shoei Foods.   This company is one of the major importers of dried and frozen blueberries.   USHBC is thankful to Shoei Foods for the invite and all that they do so help build the market for blueberries in Japan!

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