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Sunday, April 5, 2015

Research...Have we got Research!

One  of my daily jobs is to post new research citations for blueberries.  I must admit, as the "Blueberry Guy," I know a lot about blueberries and usage thereof.  But, with health research -- I am certainly learning each day.   I receive the citations, then carefully post into our online database.  Luckily, they are categorized.   Some of this stuff is amazingly complex.   But, exciting to be onthe front line of blueberry discoveries!  You can go to the online database and search in a number of ways. This is a research database modeled after what research librarians use.   Go ahead and make a search, but make sure to clear before next search.   Time to add ten more citations!

Blueberry Research Database

or past the following in your browser:


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