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Wednesday, February 17, 2016

Blueberries 7 days a Week!

Koreans love frozen blueberries!  Now Retail Chain Lotte Mart launched a unique way for consumers to enjoy frozen blueberries 7-days a week!   In Korea, frozen blueberries are sold inside of the fresh produce section.   We salute Lotte Mart and importer Hojaejun and plan to award our Little Blue Dynamo Award for innovation at a the Seoul Food and Hotel Exposition in May!    

Two of the leading retailers Lotte Mart and E mart recently concluded frozen polybag blueberry sampling at stores throughout Korea, and even in the chill of winter -- sales went well.  Blueberries were paired with yogurt and the USA origin was front and center!     Most importantly, retail executives saw the viability of merchandising frozen blueberries and plan more promotions and category development activity in the future!

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