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Wednesday, May 11, 2016

USHBC Sponsors Korean Culinary Contest

Foodservice is a major untapped market for fresh, dried and frozen blueberries in South Korea.   USHBC dived into this category with sponsorship of the desserts category for the Seoul Foods Culinary Challenge.  Professional chefs and culinary students from throughout South Korea competed in the four day event held in conjunction with the Seoul Foods Exposition.  Awards were given to best in class and innovation.   Several chefs commented that they had never thought of integrating blueberries into their operations due to the limited availability of fresh blueberries.  All agree that frozen blueberries are a great way to get blueberries into the kitchen and on the plate!

USHBC sponsored dessert competion

Blue Me makes friends with student chefs

Student and pro chefs

Chef Hui and Colleagues who judged competition.

More Blue Me Action

Awards Ceremony

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  1. Quite interesting post and equally amazing Korean Culinary Contest. Thanks for these details. If these events were organized at a local event space LA, then I would have loved participating. Keep sharing such posts!