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Friday, November 11, 2016

USHBC meets Chicagoland Food Manufacturers

The USHBC Food Tech Team headed to the center of the US Food Industry -- Chicago.  We exhibited at the Chicago Section of the Institute of Food Technologists (IFT) which is the organization comprised of research and development staff at companies big and small.  
These events give us an opportunity to meet face to face with product developers at companies.  We are able to discuss blueberry solutions, new products in the works and also identify developments and trends.

This year -- "beauty from within" continues to grow.  Now the term: beauty in advance is bantered.

Companies are looking for ways to attach identify products with ingredients that are attached to beauty!

Ancient grains are hot!   Blueberries are formulated with flaxseed, quinoa, chia and teff to create a one-two superfood punch!  This is what the manufacturers are telling us!

Natural Colors and Flavors.   Some of the major food manufacturers in the region are proclaiming the end of artificial flavors and colors.    Ingredients such as blueberry powders, juices and concentrates are of great interest!

This year we introduced the Real Blueberry Seal to prospective users.  

Other regional in the field events this year included:

  • Battle Creek, Michigan
  • New York/New Jersey
  • Dallas
  • Cleveland

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