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Monday, January 9, 2017

Asian New Blueberry-Containing Products Strong in 2016

Asian food processors continue to utilize blueberries in new-consumer products.  In 2016, Mintel Global Product Reports recorded more than 1,000 new blueberry containing products in 15 countries. Most are countries where USHBC has conducted food tech promotions.

The leading countries are: 
China - 238
South Korea - 216
Japan - 132
India - 97
Indonesia - 69
Thailand - 56
Taiwan - 44
Singapore - 43
Hong Kong - 41
Malaysia - 36
Vietnam - 27
Philippines 25
Myanmar - 15
Pakistan - 10
Sri Lanka

Interesting New Product Developments:

This product from Japan uses real blueberry flakes.  It is now produced all over Southeast Asia including this version produced in Malaysia.

Here is another example of a popular Korean product manufactured in North China.  Very tasty and popular. 

Asians have a strong belief in the connection between blueberries and healthy eyesight.  This new product from Wakasa Seikatsu is called "healthy eyesight."  This concept has been around a long time -- but this product is novel as it is called "blueberry" not "bilberry."

20 years ago we were told that Chinese will not drink milk.  Now dairy is a rising mega-category.  Here is a blueberry "lassi" product "borrowed" from India.

Babies reign supreme in Asia and there is nothing too good for the "little emperor or empress."  Here is a baby food made from freeze dried blueberries.

Stay tuned for more examples of new blueberry-containing products from abroad.

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