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Tuesday, January 10, 2017

Latin American Food Industry Discovers Blueberries

Food manufacturers from throughout Latin America are churning out world-class new Delete repeated word containing blueberries.  While in the past most developments were from US companies and affiliates -- we are seeing new blueberry items from local companies including Grupo Bimbo -- a Mexican company which is now the leading bakery group in the USA.  Now blueberries are used as ingredients all over  Latin America including most of the countries including those with local blueberry production.  USHBC has been promoting blueberries in Mexico for the past 15 years and now conduct regional activities in the region including food tech and bakery expositions to spur blueberry product development.

Here are some interesting developments in 2016!

Blueberry cake from Colombia

E-Wong is a large Peruvian company.

New Yogurt product from Brazil

Blueberry Breakfast Cookie from Mexico

Yoplait Drinking Yogurt - Mexico

Mexico produced Blueberry Cereal

Chia and blueberry jam - Argentina

Blueberry drink, Brazil

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