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Sunday, July 2, 2017

US Blueberries in Korean Foodservice Update

Koreans love to visit restaurants and coffee shops.  They love blueberries!  So what a logical place to promote blueberries to expand the marketplace.

Blueberry Hyewon shares some photos from the marketplace.  Seems that each month there are new developments.  And these developments continue to consume lots and lots of fresh, frozen and dried blueberries!

Blueberries and Chocolates!  Koreans love them both and a new trend is for sales of high quality locally made chocolate covered blueberries at major coffee chains.  Note the s in chains -- they are everywhere!

Blueberries and Beverages.   Grab a cup of blueberries on the way to work.   These creative drinks continue at some of the leading foodservice operations.

Spider-Man is making a splash this summer in Korea -- the biggest thing since Robo-cop 1 and 2.  Check out the blueberry ice cream.   

The yogurt drink category is booming and with the steamy summers in Korea -- this is a way to get some antioxidants!  

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