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Thursday, October 12, 2017

American Association of Cereal Chemists (AACC)

USHBC exhibited and participated in the 2017 annual meeting of the global cereal industry.  Members include management, research and development from some of the largest food manufacturing companies in the world -- who utilize cereals and grains.  This includes breakfast cereals, baking, brewing and all sorts of other categories.
With the rise of blueberry association and utilization in unique cereals and ingredients (flax, quinoa, teff etc), we presented blueberries in tandem with unique fruit flours -- in this case breadfruit and banana flour from our friendly US Territory of American Samoa.  Attendees were drawn to the booth which was staffed by our own Larry Allen and Alexander and Rowena Jennings of American Samoa.  Alex is the chairperson of the American Samoa Legislature Agriculture Committee!
We made dozens of contacts with food processors interested in integration of dried blueberries into all sorts of cereal products and are now following up!  
Left to right: Rep. Alexander Jennings, Swains Island Delegate to the American Samoa House of Representatives, Rowena Jennings, Larry Allen III, TJPMD.

Blueberry and Breadfruit prototypes demonstrate compatibility of blueberries in trendy new cereal products.

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