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Thursday, October 19, 2017

China Home Baking Contest 2017 a Hit!

Home baking is on the rise in China.  USHBC worked with the USDA Agricultural Trade Office (ATO) in Shanghai on a unique online bakery contest to bring serious home bakers and entrepreneurs to use available USA blueberries.
Online Availability:   USA dried blueberries are available online on several of the huge home shopping websites.  Our mission was to connect the end user and the sellers.
The contest organized through a baking website challenged serious home bakers to use dried blueberries in products and submit online to the organization.
The Results!  More than 1500 unique recipes were submitted which showed innovation, creativity and lots of blueberry.  Online sellers are happy for the surge in business.  USA suppliers are happy to see this new channel developing!

Here are some shots from the awards ceremony held in Shanghai on October 18, 2017.

Mandy Chen  attends contest

Winners pose for the press.  15 media attended

Many of these serious home bakers run catering businesses and sell goods online.

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