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Wednesday, January 31, 2018

Beauty-from-Within Japan

This is a test.   The time: January 26, 2018.   The place:  7-11 Convenience store in Ariake, Japan  It is slightly below freezing outside.

The store is in a cluster of high-rise buildings occupied by companies like Panasonic and the Tokyo Big Site expo center.  Office workers escape their desks and dash to the 7-11 for lunch.   On the way to the check out -- a stop at the frozen fruit freezer!  

Workers, mainly young ladies line up to pick up 130 kg packs of frozen fruits (a little more than a quarter pound)  -- blueberries, strawberries and sliced mangos.  It is 12:30 pm  and the case is already sold out of blueberries!

What's up?  I asked.   Time and again the young ladies point to the skin when asked about their purchase.  They top their yogurt, pop the berries right out of the bag.

Blueberries are certainly recognized as a beauty fruit!

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