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Monday, January 29, 2018

Cosme-Tokyo 2018

In Asia, blueberries are often identified as "good for beauty."   Asian cosmetic companies have pioneered natural cosmetics.  This includes:
  • Cosmetics and skin care items with fruits, vegetables and herbs and extracts. 
  • Cosmaceuticals which are cosmetics made with natural ingredients to provide beneficial functions.
  • Beauty-from-within.  Food products and potions made with natural ingredients that are identified with skin and beauty benefits.
  • Beauty-in-advance.  This is the new hot button where certain ingredients are mixed that when consumed in youth are beneficial to skincare in the golden years.
Like most cosmetics, there is a lot of imagery and not a lot of scientific backup.   But, little by little the body of knowledge is expanding -- especially in Asia.  This is driving fruit usage in the natural cosmetics business.

Check out this video of a recent visit to the Cosme-Tokyo 2018 Exposition in Tokyo.  Five years ago it was in a small expo center with a few exhibitors and less attendees.  Today, it occupies seven halls of the massive Makuhari Messe and thousands of visitors from all over the world.  Enjoy the tour!

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