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Wednesday, March 7, 2018

Educating Vietnamese Food Manufacturers

Hana, our Vietnam-based FoodTech representative continues her mission to familiarize her peers with USA blueberries and ingredients.    Already this year, she has attended dozens of meetings, expositions and factory visits to get to know the target audience.

What we learned is -- Real Blueberriesare top of mind!   In Vietnamese food culture, authenticity is everything.   Everyone knows the best pungent "Saigon cinnamon" black peppers from Quan Tri and highland fruits from Da Lat.

One question -- again and again -- how do we know blueberries are real?   Evidently, over the past decades, a number of products have hit the Vietnam market labeled as "blueberry."   Customers know what a fresh blueberry should look like, but when it comes to a flavored milk, muffin or bar -- who knows?

With this in mind, Hana is promoting the Real Blueberries Seal front and center.  

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