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Tuesday, July 3, 2018

Houston, we got Blueberries in Space!

Online article from World News Network - India

Wow, now this is big news.  Fresh blueberries have been delivered to the International Space Station!  This story has beamed around the world including India.  I received congratulatory messages from Delhi, Mumbai!  It is big news over there.  

The story reports that the delivery was Texas blueberries which are not surprising since Texas is so well attached to the NASA Space Program.  Blueberries are grown in the Lone Star State mainly up in the Northeast corner of the state near Nagodoches.  Texas Blueberry Festival

It is indeed a great tribute to blueberries to be part of the 3-ton load of supplies sent to re-stock the International Space Station.

I am watching the astronaut blogs to see their reaction!  Go blueberries!

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