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Sunday, July 8, 2018

USDA Foods Commodity Processing Excitement!

This was a big year for highbush blueberries in the USDA Foods Commodity Processing arena.  In commodity processing USDA foods, purchased for schools and humanitarian feeding, are made by manufacturers into school-ready products.   Schools love it.  USDA loves it, and USHBC loves seeing our products utilized!

Check out this video from USHBC FoodTech showing the recent School Nutrition Association (SNA) conference held in Las Vegas, July 9-12.

New USDA Product: Berry Fruit Cup!  This new concept was a highlight at the show and reports are positive on acceptance by schools and of course students.

You will also see a whole slew of blueberry containing products exhibited for consideration by school district buyers.

USDA sees the blueberry industry commitment to USDA foods and commodity processing.

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