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Tuesday, November 27, 2018

American Instiute of Baking Seminar

Chef Shorya Kapoor -- yes the son of the ever-popular Raj Kapoor in New Delhi India presented a seminar on highbush blueberries to fellow attendees of the Baking Technology Course at the campus in Manhattan, Kansas.

Bakery professionals from throughout the world attend the 16-week course.   Attendees included staff from some of the leading bakeries in the world including Bimbo (Mexico) , Yamazaki (Japan)  and Uni-President (Taiwan).

Shorya gave a introductory presentation on highbush blueberries and a laboratory on the optimal use of frozen blueberries in commercial muffin formulas.

Attendees were especially interested in dried blueberries, powders and other ingredient solutions!

Great job Shorya!

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