Monday, April 10, 2017

USHBC in the field in 2017

USHBC at New-York/New Jersey Food Technology event.
The USHBC Food Tech Team is in the field meeting with manufacturers to promote blueberries.
Our target audience is Research and development and food developers.  Our message is that with supply and strong consumer demand -- this is a great opportunity to add value to a product with blueberries.
We also meet with those very important food sellers who are always in the field interacting with food companies.  They are always happy to see the USHBC helping their efforts to sell.
>Innovation - Companies love to see new products from abroad.  We often tote examples of trendsetting products from far off lands.  These include beverages and gels from Asia, unique candies from Turkey and others.  The "Greek Yogurt" craze has become a showplace for blueberries and now we are seeing Bulgarian, Icelandic yogurts as well!  

>More fruit.  We meet with companies who traditionally use blueberries and are raising levels of blueberries to heighten consumer appeal.

>Ingredient Solutions - Food manufacturers are looking for products that are ready to use.  They want extricable, low-moisture, specific dimensions and other requirements.  We educate the industry on the vast array of offerings available. 
>Frozen>Dried>Liquid>Low Moisture
Each activity in the field we discover some new and exciting new blueberry ingredient designed to fit the needs of the food industry.  They use real blueberries! 
>Health Halo - Food processors are looking to capture positive messages for their current and new products.   They appreciate the latest health and food science research on blueberries.  Check out our continually updated research database.

>Trending - Food industry product developers look for trending-ingredients that tie to popular trends and these include:
>>ancient grains: ingredients like quinoa, flaxseed, teff are paired with an "ancient fruit" -- blueberries!

>>beauty-from-within (ingredients associated with skincare, hair and nails)  This trend started in Asia and has spread to North America.  Some say it uses small amounts, and yes sometimes.  But, products are also using extracts, powders and other high-value blueberry ingredients that require substantial amounts of blueberry to prepare.

>>clean labels: Some of the leading food processors in the world have pledged to eliminate artificial flavors and colors.   You will see more and more blueberry ingredients which provide color and natural flavor.

Each time we are in the field we work to strengthen the food industry connection to blueberries and blueberry products.   

Check out the current USHBC trade shows at:

Saturday, April 8, 2017

Korean Retail Bakeries Innovate with Blueberries

Retail bakeries continue to flourish in South Korea.  They offer on-the-go one handed meals for the busy office worker.  The other hand is reserved for a smart phone!
Check out these innovative new retail bakery offerings! Most are using frozen blueberries and sometimes purees and powdered blueberries.

Blueberry Roll Roll

ü  Type: Dessert

ü  Price: KRW2,800/ 1 piece  (about $2.44 USD)

ü  Company (or Brand): Samlip (SPC Group)

ü  Blueberry: Jam & Concentrate
Note: Samlip which is the subsidiary of SPC Group as well as the Korea's largest packaged bakery company, newly introduces chilled dessert line, called "Cafe Snow" recently. The product line include "Blueberry Roll Roll Cake", "Cheese Tart" and "Strawberry Yogurt Cake" as shown above photo. According to Samlip, this new product line is premium desserts with reasonable prices which consumers could buy at convenience stores which have better accessibilities than bakeries.

Blueberry Whipped Cream Omelet Cake
ü  Type: Dessert
ü  Price: KRW10,500/ 18piece (1box)  (about $9.16 USD)
ü  Company (or Brand): Yoger Presso
ü  Blueberry: Concentrate
Note: Yoger Presso, the franchised cafe chain, introduce new desserts called "Whipped Cream Omelet" and the blueberry flavor is included at this new product line. Consumers could purchase 1 piece as snacks or desserts or 1box as the gift.

Wednesday, April 5, 2017

Korean Foodservice Chains Discover Blueberries

When visiting South Korea, you will see a coffee shop on every block.  They are everywhere. USHBC works with Korea Business Services Inc. in Seoul to work on the franchise foodservice market.   From the looks of the following report -- blueberries are on the rise in this lucrative market segment.

Korea's Franchised Coffee Market & Blueberries
According to the Korea's Dessert/ Food Service Market Report by Korea Agro-Fisheries & Food Trade Corporation (aT), the market size for cafe business reached to $2.5 billion in 2014 which grew from $436 million in 2007. The report noted that franchised cafe businesses notably grew from 1999 when the Starbucks firstly opened its stores in the Korean market. As the market has grown, cafe businesses have tried to diversify their menus not only selling coffee menus but also providing fruit juices, iced flakes, ice creams and desserts. Below Figure 1 shows Korea's Cafe Business Growth for last several years.

Among others, there are 10 major café brands which lead the market as show at Table 1. Ediya Coffee, the pioneer of the café business in Korea and opened in 1994, has the strategy to set lower prices of menus than other franchised coffee stores. Also, it is noted that 2 US brands, Starbucks and Coffee Bean & Tea Leaf have been greatly successful in the Korean market. Otherwise, it is also notable that large scale food companies are operating franchised coffee stores such as Angel in-us Coffee by Lotte, A Twosome Place by CJ, Pascucci by SPC Group (Paris Croissant) and Paul Basset by Maeil Dairy.

Blueberry Use:  Check out the number of new blueberry foodservice developments this year! 

Friday, March 31, 2017

Smoothie Kits from Delmonte

Now -- why didn't I think of that!   Take a plastic cup, fill with healthy fruits and vegetables.  Consumers mix in a blender with liquid ingredients and you got a smoothie!  Photo from Del Monte, featured in The Packer.

Wednesday, March 29, 2017

Blueberries at Global Pet Expo

USA Pet industry -- $69 billion dollar industry!

For the past five years we have been visiting the Global Pet Expo -- known as GPE to all of us pet people!  Year one -- we saw a few interesting products with blueberry.    Year two -- gaining interest. 

Now -- check out the tour of GPE 2017.   Blueberries everywhere!


What's next -- the premium pet food phenomena is also heading overseas!

Friday, March 24, 2017

Food Ingredients China - Shanghai Day 1

This massive exposition is a tribute to how far the Chinese food industry has advanced.  

In brief: Chinese companies look for specific frozen product for preparations and jams as well as powders and dried.  The audience is almost all from China.  All over the place including Inner Mongolia, the far west of Xinjiang and Tibet.

A place to meet old friends and new.

Some random observations:

The exposition occupies several halls of the Shanghai National Exposition and Conference Center.  This place is huge!  About as easy to navigate around as an aircraft carrier.   About half of exhibitors are Chines and the remaining Asia.  The organizer published a list of more than 200 companies who did not get booths assigned due to demand.  The Chinese food industry is booming and we are in the right place!

The exposition is sponsored by the Chinese Food Processors Association.   Security is super tight.  Check out this roaming platoon of security guards.  Wo be the person who tries to rip off one of these booths!

The USHBC is rocking with a continual stream of visitors.   Our crew was totally exhausted at the end of the day.  

Certificates abound.  This company posted a continual reel of quality certificates on a video screen,

Blueberry Ingredient solutions.

Beauty from within is everywhere!  Including berries! 

This booth for beauty ingredients got my attention!

Ready to go for another day at the show!