Thursday, November 30, 2017

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Wednesday, November 29, 2017

A salute to the Nut Raj!

Gunjan Jain displays his dried blueberry packs at the Gulfoods Exposition 2017 in Dubai, United Arab Emirates.   His products are sold throughout India and the entire region including the Middle East.

Gunjan Jain, (the Nut Raj) from India is an innovator in dried fruit and nut production, sales and marketing.  Two decades ago the action was in the dark always of the dried fruit markets or bazaars.  Gunjan is a fourth generation walnut grower and processor in the Jammu Kashmir state in the North of India.  He was encouraged by his grandfather to come to America -- as he did years ago to study dried fruit and nut marketing.  I was impressed when he called me out of the blue and then after three hours of public transit -- arrived at my office!   Gunjan's vision was to take the product to the consumer.  He developed delivery systems for ordering product via phone and e mail -- way before there was an internet.  Online sales followed.  He began servicing the newly developed grocery trade all over India.  (Grocery stores were not common 20 years ago).  He studied the health benefits of dried fruits and nuts and then began to use this valuable information on the pack and in advertising and media.  He also began marketing dried fruits and nuts to food processors, for baking, confectionery and snacks.   Foodservice and Ayurveda have followed.  

Gunjan was one of the first -- if not the first-- company in India to import dried blueberries from the USA!

Now -- Look at the latest development.   The Nut Lounge. A great place to sample dried blueberries too!

Tuesday, November 28, 2017

Blueberry Kitchen Vietnam

Welcome to Blueberry Kitchen Vietnam! 

Here is your host, Hana in Ho Chi Minh City.

Hana in Vietnam has initiated a You-Tube channel dedicated to sharing blueberry recipes!   Here is a starter with the production of a blueberry cake which she learned from her mother who ran a small cake shop in her small village.   Although Vietnamese have a rice based diet -- they also love baked goods and a strong cup of Vietnamese coffee!   After more than six decades of French rule after the 1880s -- they developed a passion for superb cakes and breads.

Enjoy:  Stay tuned for the video link.

Sunday, November 26, 2017

Fresh Fruit Handling Seminar - China

Quindao - Xi'an Fresh Fruit Seminars

Although fresh blueberries from the USA are restricted for entry to China -- USHBC conducts activities to educate, engage and encourage blueberry consumption overall.   This month, we are participating with the USDA-FAS office in Beijing on educational seminars on produce handling in Quindao (Shandong Province) and Xi'an (Shaanxi) Province.

When you visit a grocery store of fruit market in China, you will notice wide differences in blueberry display and handling.  Typically, you will find a vast fresh product area and a small refrigerated area.  blueberries are often stacked from the floor in room temperature.   

Seminars will show practical information on how to protect your blueberry investment and also to get the freshest product for positive consumer experience.

Quindao Seminar

Fresh Fruit Handling Educational Workshop on November 29, 2017 0900-1400
Ocean Ball Room, Intercontinental hotel in Qingdao

Xi'an Seminar
Fresh Fruit Handling Educational Workshop on December 1, 2017  0900-1400
B1, Pearl Amber Crowne Meeting Room, Crowne Plaza Xi’an
地点: 西安皇冠假日酒店负一层珍珠琥珀厅

Wednesday, November 22, 2017

Vietnam American Thanksgiving Foodservice Promotion

Happy Thanksgiving from Vietnam!

The New World Hotel Saigon USA promotion is in full swing!   Our "Blueberry Hana" has been scootering around Ho Chi Minh City for weeks to prepare and the event looks to be a big success.   Blueberries in desserts are a hit as well as entrees.   Although this is a 5-Star Hotel --it is a gathering place for locals looking for the latest dining trends.  

Dried and frozen blueberries are the emphasis.   Importers and distributors took notice and are urged to contact Vietnamese importers and suppliers of USA blueberries.   Customers are also craving fresh blueberries!

Action Photos:

Opening Ceremony:  Our Hana is second from the left

Salute to the USA with American Blueberries and Vietnam produced Strawberries

Vietnamese love sweets!

Ice cream station with dried blueberries for topping

The Ribbon Cutting

Thanks to the USDA Office of Agricultural Affairs - Ho Chi Minh City for organizing this and other events.  USHBC now is an active Cooperator in the Vietnam market and Blueberry Hana is on the move!

Friday, November 17, 2017

USDA Dried Fruit Expo in DC

USHBC participated in the first ever USDA Dried Fruit which brought together participants from the Agriculture Marketing Service and other divisions.  (November 16, 2017) This gave us an opportunity to explain dried blueberries to USDA Foods buyers for school lunches, emergency feeding and other channels.  

Thursday, November 16, 2017

Itá Santa Catarina has the Blueberry Spirit!

Brazil is a huge country of more than 210 million population.   USHBC market development efforts have been warmly received by this health conscious nation.   New products with blueberries are on the rise and USA shippers are moving fresh blueberries during the Brazilian winter.  The further south you go in Brazil -- the cooler the temperatures.  Katia Miura, our in-country blueberry ambassador learned of a blueberry festival in the small town of Itá, in the State of Santa Catarina.   Itá, is in the middle of a German-Brazilian population region.  Locals love everything blueberry.   Santa Catarina is a small state but considered one of the richest in Brazil.

USHBC in-country FoodTech ambassador Katia Miura read about a blueberry festival being held at the start of the season in October.  She dashed down to Itá and participated in the festivities.
The warm welcome and enthusiasm for blueberries was amazing according to Katia.  Not only do they grow blueberries -- but they produce all sorts of great products.   We came away with a spirit of cooperation to help increase awareness for blueberries in Brazil!