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Saturday, April 5, 2014

Newtons Go Blueberry!

Just picked up a package of Nabisco's "Made with Real Fruit"100% Whole Grain Newtons -- with Real Blueberry!  On the pack: Another Newtonism -- When life hands you some blueberries. Put them in a Newtons Cookie!   Good idea!   We love the fact that this product uses a significant amount of blueberry puree.  Yes, one of the top ingredients and blueberry images decorate the package!  You can bet that smart brand managers recognized the consumer attraction to blueberries.  

Now--things just keep getting better.   Check out the Newton Fruit Thins which include real dried blueberries. Another Newtonism:  "In Every Dark Cloud Look for a Blueberry Lining!"   Great job Nabisco!

Newtonism #1

Newtonish # 2

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