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Sunday, April 6, 2014


I love travelling East to visit the growers in Jersey.   A first stop is a local supermarket to buy a bunch of  Tastykake, made by Tasty Baking in Philadelphia.  Check out the website:  http://www.tastykake.com and you will see that they have been in business for almost 100 years!  (About the same as the Jersey Blueberry Growers)  Still they are not available on the West Coast, although they are in Las Vegas!
Check out the Tastykake Mini blueberry pie!
Here is what they say:
"Each personal-sized Tastykake pie is baked to perfection with a light, flaky crust and delicious filling.  My comment: it is a perfect individual size and comes in a nice tin which keeps the pie intact.   It has a lot of blueberry inside!
Blueberries are the second ingredient after flour and that will make the growers pretty happy.   The filling has a large percentage of blueberry and you can see and feel the the whole blueberries!   Note: the label says: "Fresh Baked Daily."   You got to reach fast to get one of these blueberry pies.   On my visit to Walmart in Hammonton, NJ (30 min from Tastykake HQ) -- only one blueberry pie was left from the days delivery!  The story manager says you got to come early to get the blueberry pie!

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