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Sunday, March 22, 2015

Another big year for blueberry new product development.

The USHBC Food Technology Program message is:  Supply + Demand = Opportunity!

The nation's food industry is responding and we are seeing steady new product development with blueberries in the past year.   USHBC subscribes to a service called MINTEL Global New Product Database, which monitors products on supermarket shelves in the USA and abroad.   Typically, a specialty ingredient such as a blueberry will see 500 or so new products in a year,   The four year average) (2010-2014  of new blueberry products in North America totaled 1,198.     The four year average 2000-2014 was 706!  This 2014 launches included national brands of food products from breakfast foods to desserts.   One very interesting development: Many of the new blueberry products are in categories that did not even exist in 2000 when USHBC was created!   These include blueberry pet foods, blueberry cosmetics and health care items.   Another trend: we are seeing more and more prominent blueberry identification on packages.    This proves that the blueberry image has value.  Get ready for
another big year in 2015!

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