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Saturday, April 8, 2017

Korean Retail Bakeries Innovate with Blueberries

Retail bakeries continue to flourish in South Korea.  They offer on-the-go one handed meals for the busy office worker.  The other hand is reserved for a smart phone!
Check out these innovative new retail bakery offerings! Most are using frozen blueberries and sometimes purees and powdered blueberries.

Blueberry Roll Roll

ü  Type: Dessert

ü  Price: KRW2,800/ 1 piece  (about $2.44 USD)

ü  Company (or Brand): Samlip (SPC Group)

ü  Blueberry: Jam & Concentrate
Note: Samlip which is the subsidiary of SPC Group as well as the Korea's largest packaged bakery company, newly introduces chilled dessert line, called "Cafe Snow" recently. The product line include "Blueberry Roll Roll Cake", "Cheese Tart" and "Strawberry Yogurt Cake" as shown above photo. According to Samlip, this new product line is premium desserts with reasonable prices which consumers could buy at convenience stores which have better accessibilities than bakeries.

Blueberry Whipped Cream Omelet Cake
ü  Type: Dessert
ü  Price: KRW10,500/ 18piece (1box)  (about $9.16 USD)
ü  Company (or Brand): Yoger Presso
ü  Blueberry: Concentrate
Note: Yoger Presso, the franchised cafe chain, introduce new desserts called "Whipped Cream Omelet" and the blueberry flavor is included at this new product line. Consumers could purchase 1 piece as snacks or desserts or 1box as the gift.

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