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Thursday, July 6, 2017

Chinese Bakers and Suppliers Visit Blueberry Country

Bakers, distributors and importers from East China (Shanghai) visited blueberry country to learn about production, processing and utilization.  This was part of the USDA Cochran Fellowship which brings professionals to the USA for educational experiences.   This group visited the Institute of Food Technologists (IFT) meeting and a stop in the Central Valley of California where they picked blueberries!  The group included a 150 bakery chain, a major importer and distributor of bakery ingredients, a master pastry chef who is well known in China and a director of baking operations at a leading store chain.  Now we have a set of new blueberry friends in China.

Group photo.  Now blueberry friends.  Susan Zhang of USDA-FAS, Shanghai is on far right.

Visitors loved picking blueberries
Linden, California locals dropped in 
Blueberry selfie time!

Next day we toured the top five trendy bakeries in San Francisco

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  1. Looks great that more people are taking interest in the blueberry farming. Hope that in near future the idea expands and berries can be exported from here to other countries.