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Monday, August 27, 2018

Brazilian Super Blueberry Chef!

Chef Mueller in Brazil is an icon in the culinary scene.   He also loves blueberries!   When Katia met up with him at the first ever Blueberry Festival in Southern Brazil  -- they planed lots of blueberries in his upcoming cookbook.  Here it is!!!

Now, how is this for blueberry inclusion in a cook book!

Chef Mueller has his own television show demonstrating modern Brazilian cuisine.  He has a large following throughout this vast country!

Feijoada (beans) are the national dish of Brazil.   Remarkably, blueberries balance some of the saltiness of the dish!

 Seafood with Blueberries

"Frango" means young chicken and blueberries make it better!

 Bacalao is the real national dish of Portugese speaking Brazil!   Not my favorite, but just add blueberries and I am in!

Nice thing about this cookbook is that it tells readers where to buy blueberries locally!

Thanks to Katia and Chef Mueller for a great collaboration.  You may ask what is a cookbook doing on the Food Tech Blog?  Food processors are consumers too and they love to see innovation.   Celebrity endorsement by a superstar like Chef Mueller goes a long way in influencing new product ideas and development.


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