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Wednesday, August 22, 2018

Food Ingredients South America (FISA)

Bom Dia from Sao Paulo Brazil.   This is day two of the largest food ingredient exposition in the region.   This is a trade-only exposition and suppliers are from throughout Latin America which includes, Central America, Caribbean, South America and that other huge Latin-American country: USA!    We attended a few years back and it was a small gathering of suppliers and visitors.  Now this has boomed with three huge halls, monster exhibits from some of the leading multi national and regional food ingredient companies (ADM, Cargill...)   Attendees are from all over the region and include research and development, suppliers and factory owners.  Already, we have met with super interesting companies including Chile, Peru, Bolivia, Colombia, Mexico, and just about all!    

Katia Miura, Food Engineer promotes USA blueberries throughout Latin America.   Here she offers blueberry Brigaderos, a traditional Brazilian confectionery with a blueberry twist!   Visitors are from some of the leading food processing companies from throughout the region.  

>Five years ago, we had to explain what a blueberry was.  Now manufacturers are asking for ingredient solutions to get this popular fruit into their product line.
>>Ice Cream companies look for dried-infused, and puree concentrate.  
>>Jam manufactures look for soft skinned high brix blueberries.  
>>Juice companies want to blend with blueberry juice concentrate.
>>Snack food companies are interested in powders, flakes and crumbles for extrusion into chips and bars.

Even manufacturers from countries which produce fresh blueberries are in line at the USHBC booth!

Obrigado -- Brazil

Muchas Gracias  --  Latinoamérica

Thank you USA blueberry industry for the support to keep working this developing market!

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