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Thursday, August 23, 2018

Frozen Blueberries on the Way to Kolkata

Back in 1833, a New England entrepreneur cut ice from local ponds and shipped more than 16,000 miles and four months at sea to arrive in Calcutta, India.    Most of the 180 ton cargo survived.   The locals were so happy with the Gen and Tonics and Ice Cream made from the ice that they constructed an elaborate ice house!

History Channel Link

Now the city in West Bengal is called Kolkata.  This week, a 40 foot ocean container of frozen blueberries have been packed and loaded for delivery to Calcutta as part of the USHBC Quality Samples Program (QSP).  USHBC received funding ship samples of frozen blueberries to India to be used for market development in the Eastern part of India.   USHBC utilized the QSP program previously to ship frozen blueberry samples for market development in the Western part of the country including Mumbai and Delhi.  These initial samples have led to regular frozen blueberry business in hotels, restaurants and food industries as well as filling and fruit preps for further sales to dairies and other food industries.

Familiarization.  Frozen samples are provided for initial familiarization.  Some are unfamiliar with frozen fruits and they can taste and see.

Further experimentation.  Companies who show further interest receive larger samples for testing, trials and product development.

Product Development.   USHBC provides technical assistance in the region and works with suppliers to show uses and applications.

Anticipated result!   The Indian food industry is huge and our goal is to get the entire load into the field within three months of arrival.

1.       250 companies reached with samples, 5 distributors

2.       180 companies receiving technical assistance from USHBC, documented in log and contact evidence.

3.       65 companies who request follow-up samples for trials, log of communications.

4.       35 new products launched in next five years as a result of samples and technical assistance.   New product report.

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