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Wednesday, October 12, 2016

Blueberry Baby Foods!

A new generation of blueberry lovers is on the rise.   Blueberry Baby Foods are on the rise.
Check out the new product charts to see that new products around the world are on the rise with more than 80 new blueberry baby products developed already this year.    Typically, when we look at new products, we analyze North America and export in separate glances.   North American baby food is a trusted brand all over the world -- especially in China and Southeast Asia.   Consumers trust the purity and safety of feeding American made products.   You will find North American produced baby foods in supermarkets all over the world.
Above Photo: Trish Adkins, Brand Ambassador of Happy Family Brands in Philadelphia receives USHBC Little Blue Dynamo Award from Promotions Committee Chairperson Kirk McCreary.

Recently, USHBC honored new product development at the recent Philadelphia meeting.   The Little Blue Dynamo Award for Innovation was given to Happy Baby Brands, which includes  whole line of quality baby foods including pre-natal for soon-to-be moms, teethers, liquid pouches of purees and all with health ingredients like fruits, veggies and especially blueberries.

Happy Baby Brand Ambassador Trish Adkins, received the award at the USHBC marketing committee meeting and explained the synergy of blueberries and Happy Baby products.  She said that the Millennial consumers are looking for ingredients like blueberries in the product and on the label.  Happy Baby products include all sorts of compatible wholesale ingredients.

Check out the combination of blueberries and black carrots which are also high in anthocyanin.
The Happy Baby Teethers product contains a blueberry powder.  It takes up to 12 lbs of blueberry to make one lb of blueberry powder.   So this product uses an optimal level.   The products have developed a loyal customer base at home and abroad, and more and more new product offerings feature blueberries.

What's next!   We expect to see new blueberry containing products flourish in the baby food category, and even spread into specialty food areas such as food for seniors.   Keep an eye out for those blueberry products and happy people worldwide!

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