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Saturday, August 1, 2015

August is Blueberry Month -- In Canada!

When I first started working with the North American Blueberry Council (NABC) more than two decades ago, I was told that July was National Blueberry Month in the USA.   Our North American blueberry partners in British Columbia had their Blueberry Month proclaimed in August which is (normally) the peak of their season!
Well:   Just want to take this opportunity to salute our growers to the North!

Canadian  Comfort Food!   Tim Horton includes blueberries in muffins, Danish and all sorts of new items!    My favorite the blueberry donut!

We have a great team in our efforts to build the market for highbush blueberries!

Canada Highbush Production Areas (General)  British Columbia and Ontario.  

New blueberry-containing products are continually introduced in Canada!  Some very interesting products.

Just a few examples of interesting Canadian products this year!  Some of the major new categories such as pet foods all started with Canadian innovation!

It's tea time!

Superfruits are a big big deal in Canada!

Candy is a huge business in Canada and USA.   Some of the most innovative blueberry-containing candies originated in Canada.

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