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Saturday, August 22, 2015

See you in Vegas!

Vegas Baby!!!   The excitement is building for the North American Blueberry Council and US Highbush Blueberry Council meetings in fabulous Las Vegas October 7-9 at the Monte Carlo.
Knowing I have a bit of experience in Vegas -- I am getting a lot of of requests for tips on where to eat!  Here is my short list.

# 1 Metro Pizza.  This is my all time favorite pizza place in the world including Italy.  John Arena original from New York, is a serious pizza person.   John is an authority on all things pizza and conducts workshops and seminars.   He knows how to make pizza the right way.   I like the shop on Tropicana across from the University of Nevada Las Vegas.  It has a mural on the wall with tributes to some of the best pizza parlors in the USA.   The Pizza Hall of Fame is at the shop at the New York Casino not far from the Monte Carlo.  All of the pizzas are different, simple and excellent. It's all about the crust...and the sauce and the toppings follow.

# 2 Original Tommy's Hamburgers.  This is the original burger joint from LA that has been copied all over.  You will find: Tommys, "Tom-e's," "Tomys" "Tommis,"  and all sorts of other fakes.   But Tommy's with the 60's looking shack, you cannot miss the real thing.   Their motto -- If you don't see the shack -- take it back!  Tommy's locations are located all over the LA area and they have barely moved outside of the basin, so when the new Vegas location was opened, it was quite an event!   What makes Tommy's special -- hamburgers topped with chili, french fries with chili, chili with chili!   7079 W. Craig Road, Las Vegas   702-207-6361

# 3 Peace Ethiopian Market & Cafe.  4850, Tropicana, Las Vegas 702-906-1438.
It may surprise you that there are several great  "East African" restaurants in Vegas.   Ask any taxi driver and you will find one fast!   We have Ethiopian, Eritrean, Tigrian, Somali.   (Somalis have the best goat!)   My favorite for a late night (After 2:00 am) Ethiopian snack is the Peace.   Try the Fir Fir which is like an Ethiopian Burrito with Injira and a meat or veggie stew inside.   If you want elegant Ethiopian dining head over to the Abyssinia which is in the same strip mall. 4780 W Tropicana, Las Vegas, 702-220-5305.

# 4  Indian.   Now this will take a bit of research.  There are dozens of Indian restaurants in Vegas and all are ok.  For a safe bet:  The Gandhi.  4080 Paradise Rd, Las Vegas, NV 89109.  

# 5. Snacks.   Try Hooters Casino -- Actually this is one of the most "wholesome" places in Vegas!  Go to the cafe next to the "chicken wing" place and order the Volcano of Nachos.  Yes -- about two feet high pile of tortilla chips with a a "lava stream" of nacho cheese.   One of the wonders of the world.  Bring about ten guests to consumer the Volcano!'

# 6. The Bacon Breakfast Buffet at Sunset Station Casino in Henderson.  (No explanation needed)

# 7. Seafood City.   This is a Filipino Supermarket near UNLV and at the deli they serve huge plates of Chinese and Vietnamese Food!    One plate will feed a family of 4.    The noodles are superb!

#8.  Vegas Chinatown.   You got Pho, Thai, Malaysian. and Chinese of all sorts.   My favorite is the Kung Fu Plaza.  

#9. Hot Dog Stand at the Gold and Silver Pawn Shop. (Pawn Stars!)    Good place to just watch the crowd!

#10.  Todai Seafood Buffet.   No visit to Vegas is complete without the pilgrimage to the king of Seafood Buffets!  You got sushi, sashimi and all other favorites but what draws the crowd -- the snow crab and king crab legs and fresh shrimp and shellfish.  It is absolutely amazing to see guests consuming their weight in crab legs.   The Vegas location is at the Plant Holywood.   Not easy to find so call and get directions.

Our Canadian friends may ask -- are there any Tim Hortons in Vegas?   Sorry none in Vegas!  But try O'Face Donuts downtown.  They are big fans of blueberries!  124 S 6th St, Las Vegas, NV 89101   Not far from the Gold and Silver so blow off the hot dog idea, get a dozen blueberry donuts and enjoy the show!

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