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Tuesday, August 18, 2015

Poi Blueberry Granola from Hawai'i!

Polynesian Innovation!
Check out the new product from Taro Brand in Hawai'i.  
Poi as all of you who have visited the Islands will know is a pulverized root of the native taro plant.  It is a purplish mashed potato looking staple that is enjoyed with raw fish and all sorts of other Island delicacies.  Now the leading brand has developed this innovative combination:
Poi Granola Bowl.
It is described on the package as an "all natural probiotic snack with fresh blueberries!
Poi (pounded kalo) or taro plant) is believed to have the greatest life force of all food; a means of survival for the Hawai'i people.
Poi is a local superfood that is fat free, low in calories , contains complex carbs and natural probiotics.  The Hawaiian people have fed poi to their families (from infants to elderly) for over 1,600 years.  
Ingredients: Taro, Water.
And now -- Fresh Blueberries!

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