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Saturday, August 8, 2015

Iran Loves Blueberries!

Each year I attend the Gulfoods Show in Dubai, United Arab Emirates.   Right across the straights lies the Islamic Republic of Iran.   We do not think much about this country of almost 80 million -- which is the 18th largest country on earth, with many thousands of years of civilization and culture and yes -- some of the food in the world like my favorite fesenjoon.(pomegranate and walnut chicken).   Now bring on blueberries.   Back to the Gulfoods.  We meet visitors from all over the Middle East and North Africa.   Each year we see more and more Iranians.   They flock to the blueberry booth and over and over again -- proclaim their love for blueberries.  
Besides great culinary specialties, Iran has a burgeoning food industry.   This includes food service

, confectionery and their famous Persian ice creams, sweets and bakery products.   They even have their own berry called the barberry, which is sour red berry which is dried and supposed to be good for all that ails you.  Confectioners seem to prize the blueberry and I have been communicating with artisan ice cream makers for years on making blueberry products when the time is right!

Here are a couple examples of locally made blueberry products!  Oh well, it is a good start!

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