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Saturday, January 23, 2016

Japanese Cosmetic Action!

USHBC has ventured into the multi-billion dollar cosmetic market.    For the past years, we have seen Asian cosmetics produced with all sorts of blueberry co-products.   (skins, fiber, seed oil, extracts and even frozen and freeze dried blueberries).  

Blueberry Guy recently visited the center of Natural Cosmetic innovation with a visit to the Cosme-Tech Exhibition in Tokyo Japan.

Several companies featured further processed blueberry ingredients such as powders and extracts for face creams, soaps, and topical applications.

Face Masks:  Blueberry Face Masks were the hot item for the exhibition.   This included designer masks and dozens of styles, colors and infusions.

Fusion of Food and Cosmetics.    Check out this "gelato counter."   It is actually an ice cream looking cart that dispenses face creams made with blueberries and other botanicals.

Cosmaceuticals.  This is no longer a upstart trend -- it is a multi billion dollar category.   Although most companies in the exhibition were medium and small firms from all over Asia -- the big multi national companies were on the prowl for new cosmaeeutical ideas.   The category is now well over $15 billion annually and growing!

Beauty from Within.  This is the fast-rising cagegory of digested foods that are good for skin, hair and nails.    Smoothie mixes were everywhere and some were very specific with cosmaceutical claims.  (drug store offerings below)

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