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Thursday, August 25, 2016

Brazil Food Industry Exposition - Sao Paulo!

While the attention of the athletic world was on the Olympic Games in Rio -- the regional food industry met at the 20th annual Food Ingredients Exposition (FI).
This was a trade only show and some of the leading multinational and Brazilian ingredient firms participated.   Food manufacturers large and small from Brazil attended to seek out new ingredient solutions and opportunities.
Lots of companies interested in frozen blueberries.   Brazil is the leading sugar producing country and a number of firms are producing jams and jellies with blueberries.  They like the soft-skinned and juicy blueberries from North America.

Here is a photo of our booth emphasizing the Blueberry Centennial.

Below: Here is the first day booth action.   Katia Miura who works for us in Latin America met with her food industry colleagues.  She has a degree in Food Engineering and dozens of her contacts in the business stopped in to discuss blueberries!  We sampled a local favorite -- a blueberry brigadero which is a caramel sweet with a blueberry filling.  It was a big hit!

This was a grueling show that started mid morning and ended at 8 pm!  That is the Brazilian way!  

Now after a day of non-stop blueberry talk -- it is  caipirinha time!  This is my favorite -- the caipirinha "Volcano!"   We also met up with a famous bartender at the show who is intent on producing a signature blueberry caipirinha!

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