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Wednesday, August 10, 2016

Japan Convenience Stores - Blueberry Country!

In the USA we often think of frozen burritos, slurpees and taco chips when it comes to convenience store cuisine!

Check out the blueberry items at the Japanese convenience store chains:    Interesting that the 125 g micro pack of frozen fruit is becoming one of the top selling items!

Frozen berries and mango at 7-11 in Tokyo.   I asked customers how they were consuming and all said right out of the bag for a cool treat.    Young ladies say consumption is good for skin care.  Berry importers and distributors say this new business is soaring!

Here is a display of healthful candies, some with blueberry and an association with eyesight improvement. Package will show an image of an eye!  These displays are separate from the candy and snack section and are also found in pharmacies.

Japan is a snacking society.   Lots of rice and grain based snacks -- many with savory seafod/squid and cuttlefish flavors and textures.   This sweet product contains blueberry powder in the creme filling.   Notice the nice blueberry art on the pack.

Here is a Japanese version of a drinkable yogurt with whole blueberries suspended.  Looks a lot like a bubble tea.   

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