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Saturday, September 10, 2016

American Food Fiesta - Hyderabad India

USHBC picked up the maracas and headed south to Hydrabad India for the USDA-FAS sponsored American Food Fiesta.  This event is part of a two city tour to some of the booming mega city markets in South India.   Hyderabad is one of the main cities involved in India's IT Sector.   Companies like Oracle and Microsoft have huge campuses.   This region was the fastest to develop the brick and mortar grocery trade and is headquarters to some of the leading food processors in India.     The event drew hundreds of local manufacturers and importers and the interest was high for dried and frozen blueberries.   Three different importers of US highbush blueberries as well as local filling companies who are now using frozen blueberries from the USA.   Smaller companies were linked up with local suppliers and we also found some new companies who are ready to do business directly with the USA!   A good night outing.  Next stop Pune!

Here are some action shots from the event!

Above: Local distributors discuss blueberries.   We help local importers and distributors to link with food processors in the area.

Let's make a deal!

Below: Local Press Coverage

Note the local fillings made with US blueberries!

Below: ATO Office organizes

Below: 30 minute presentations were given on blueberries.

Below: Packed tent

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