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Monday, September 19, 2016

Australian Blueberry Products 2016

Here are just a few new products with blueberries launched in the last year.  It is heartening to see products which were discussed with companies at Fine Foods Australia 2015 -- now hitting the marketplace.

The most valuable asset USHBC provides is new product ideas and food tech power!

Let's get some more!

Above: Chocolate and blueberry an Australian "tag team" for health!
Below: This baby food thing is big.   Mom's and dads feel good about feeding blueberries!

Below: Cold Pressed juices are huge in Australia and why not mix with beet juice!   

Below: note the tagline: "only good stuff!"

Below: A drinkable yogurt that will certainly hit the US market (if not yet).  Blueberries are the star!  Note the front package: NO PRESERVATIVES, NO ARTIFICIAL COLOURS OR PRESERVATIVES!

Below: Love the label: "NATURAL BLUEBERRIES."

Australians love their pets -- and here is one for the Aussie Shep in the family!  Note the blueberry identification on the pack.

Below: Now this is a great new concept from Dole Australia.   Love the term: "Whole Blueberries" in the flavoured custard.

Below: Blueberry candies.  Australians love their sweets and this is a great new concept for healthy confectionery which is a huge per capita consumption item.

Below: Another Cold Pressed juice.    We will see more and more of this in the USA.

Below: Australia was an early adapter for development of blueberry-containing bars.   More and more each month!

Below: Blueberry beauty mask!  This trend has moved fast from Korea to Australia.   

Below: Note the made in Australia label.  This is a big deal for Australian consumers.

Below: This product contains all of the trendy ingredients including: chia, coconut and of course blueberry.  The product name "Wholesome" says it all!

Below: Australia is one of the leading per-capita chocolate-consuming countries and the addition of blueberries seems to remove some of the "consumption guilt."

Below: Dried blueberries are gaining popularity fast in Australia.   We love the use of blueberry graphics on the pack.

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