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Wednesday, September 6, 2017

Food Ingredients South America (FISA)

We are on to something here!   For year two USHBC has exhibited at the Food Ingredients South America exposition in Sao Paulo, Brazil.    We met food companies big and small - even those from blueberry-producing companies who are looking for USA blueberries!   The key:  Ingredient solutions.   That is -- blueberry products that have been converted into formats that are ready to use in food products.  This includes dried blueberries, juices, puree and concentrates.    Of course companies are also looking for frozen blueberries which is the specialty of North American producers!
>The region is juice crazy and blueberry is a most desirable flavor
>Dried blueberries are desired in snacking.
>Jam, jelly, preserve and bakery filling manufacturers look for steady supplies of frozen blueberries with soft skins and lots of juice.
>Blueberry powders and flakes are in demand from the many companies in the region who make supplements for body builders, beauty regimes and other uses.  

We are Real Blueberries.

We offer Real Blueberries and Real Blueberry Ingredient Solutions!

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