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Thursday, September 7, 2017

"Hurricane Hana" Hits Ho Chi Minh City!

She may be small but mighty!  Our Hana Huynh in Vietnam is on the move promoting highbush blueberries to the Southeast Asian food industry.   Having a local person in the region is a great asset for the USHBC--especially one with a food science and food industry background.

She is off and running and literally running on her speedy motorbike which is an essential travel mode in the traffic of Vietnam.

>Vietnam has a well developed and rising local food manufacturing industry including foreign ventures from Europe and especially Korea.  The hard working and well educated workforce makes it a great business site!
>Vietnamese love imported goods, especially Korean and US.  Many Vietnamese have relatives living in the states and studies have indicated that USA is a very positive label for a food product.
>The Vietnamese associate berries such as their native mulberry and now blueberries with beauty and skin care.   Stores are full of Korean made natural cosmetics -- many with blueberries.
Hana met with dozens of companies at Viet Food! 
>Some of the recently launched blueberry-containing dairy products feature "beauty positioning" and even names like Pro Beauty.

Hana is researching the market, connecting with food processors.   She has already attended the Viet Food Pac Expo to meet with companies and will visit similar shows in Thailand and other adjoining countries in the upcoming weeks.

Here are some photos from the recent Pro Pack Vietnam.

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