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Sunday, November 26, 2017

Fresh Fruit Handling Seminar - China

Quindao - Xi'an Fresh Fruit Seminars

Although fresh blueberries from the USA are restricted for entry to China -- USHBC conducts activities to educate, engage and encourage blueberry consumption overall.   This month, we are participating with the USDA-FAS office in Beijing on educational seminars on produce handling in Quindao (Shandong Province) and Xi'an (Shaanxi) Province.

When you visit a grocery store of fruit market in China, you will notice wide differences in blueberry display and handling.  Typically, you will find a vast fresh product area and a small refrigerated area.  blueberries are often stacked from the floor in room temperature.   

Seminars will show practical information on how to protect your blueberry investment and also to get the freshest product for positive consumer experience.

Quindao Seminar

Fresh Fruit Handling Educational Workshop on November 29, 2017 0900-1400
Ocean Ball Room, Intercontinental hotel in Qingdao

Xi'an Seminar
Fresh Fruit Handling Educational Workshop on December 1, 2017  0900-1400
B1, Pearl Amber Crowne Meeting Room, Crowne Plaza Xi’an
地点: 西安皇冠假日酒店负一层珍珠琥珀厅

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