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Wednesday, November 8, 2017

USHBC @ China FV

USHBC participated in the annual China Fruit and Vegetable Exposition, sponsored by the Chinese Government AQSQ.  (November 3-5, 2017, Beijing)  Although the USA is not allowed access for fresh blueberries, this exhibition allowed us face time with the AQSIQ and future customers such as importers distributors and wholesalers.  All are anxious about the upcoming China-USA (Plant Health) Technical Bilateral meetings which will be held December 4-7 in Sanya, Hainan Island, China.

USHBC booth traffic was brisk.   Yu-Ming (Mandy) Chen from Taiwan and Hong Fang (Julia) Zhu make a great tag team!

Here is the "office" of the AQSIQ at the exposition.   This is the government body which decides what products may or may not enter China.   Throughout the exposition, we met AQSIQ representatives and they had an opportunity to see the popularity of blueberries firsthand. 

The theme of the event and country at large is: "Belt and Road."  China is rapidly implementing plans to utilize the old Silk Road Routes through Central Asia to re-connect the ancient trade routes between  China, India, Europe and Africa.  Notice you do not see an arrow pointed to or from North America!

This was a professional-only exposition and visitors posed all sorts of questions about the blueberry industry, merchandising and especially wanted to know -- when will US Blueberries be available in China!

Fresh blueberries are available year round in China with local production and imports from Chile, Peru, (now) Mexico and British Columbia.    Even with all of these suppliers, importers and distributors seek US blueberries.

Chinese have long associated consumption of blueberries with improvement of eyesight.   Here is an advertisement from a major local producer and marketer which sends the message.

Everyone loves a mascot -- even n China!  

This little boy continually dragged mom to the blueberry booth a handful of dried blueberries.   L. Blueberry fan of the future, middle, Julia Zhu and R. Mom of Blueberry fan of the future.

China is a centrally planned economy, and this goes for agricultural development as well.

Oh My!  More Mascots!

Here is a map with the infamous 9-Dash line that delineates territorial claims in the South China Sea.   Dash # 10 includes Taiwan.

The China FV occurred about the same time as the National Congress of the Communist Party of China  which is held every five years.  This is a big big deal which decides the direction and leadership of the country for the future.  

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