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Wednesday, November 1, 2017

Historic Thanksgiving Day Promotion in Vietnam

This is really a historic event for USA-Vietnam.   For the first time in 40 years--a major hotel chain will celebrate American Thanksgiving Day in Ho Chi Minh City, Socialist Republic of Vietnam.   The local USDA-FAS office organized an upcoming restaurant promotion with the New World Saigon Hotel in the bustling center of the town once referred to as Saigon.

Hana -- our "blue dynamo" in Vietnam worked with the USDA and Hotel on menus, promotional banners and materials along with several other cooperator groups.   Most importantly, we linked importers and suppliers with the Hotel buyers to ensure that blueberries were available.  

Chefs are busy preparing unique American products for restaurants at the hotel and will include dried and frozen blueberries.

Here are some details on the promotion:  Stay tuned for results.


Announcement mailer

Plans of media activities

Newsletter sent throughout the region

Table tents for restaurants

Happy Thanksgiving!

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