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Thursday, November 16, 2017

Itá Santa Catarina has the Blueberry Spirit!

Brazil is a huge country of more than 210 million population.   USHBC market development efforts have been warmly received by this health conscious nation.   New products with blueberries are on the rise and USA shippers are moving fresh blueberries during the Brazilian winter.  The further south you go in Brazil -- the cooler the temperatures.  Katia Miura, our in-country blueberry ambassador learned of a blueberry festival in the small town of Itá, in the State of Santa Catarina.   Itá, is in the middle of a German-Brazilian population region.  Locals love everything blueberry.   Santa Catarina is a small state but considered one of the richest in Brazil.

USHBC in-country FoodTech ambassador Katia Miura read about a blueberry festival being held at the start of the season in October.  She dashed down to Itá and participated in the festivities.
The warm welcome and enthusiasm for blueberries was amazing according to Katia.  Not only do they grow blueberries -- but they produce all sorts of great products.   We came away with a spirit of cooperation to help increase awareness for blueberries in Brazil!

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