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Thursday, February 8, 2018

Hana visits Hanoi for USDA-APHIS Grand Opening

February 5, 2018 was a great day in the Vietnamese capital city of Ha Noi.  USHBC-APHIS.  The government agency that protects American agriculture at home and opens markets abroad -- opened a new office in Vietnam.  This is a big step for our country and recognizes the importance of Vietnam as a trade partner.  USHBC/NABC  are currently working through APHIS to obtain market access for fresh blueberries.   Our Hana from HCM City in the south traveled to the opening ceremonies and also participated in meetings with APHIS and other US and Vietnamese government officials.   All were delighted to see that USHBC is on ground in Vietnam to promote sales of blueberries.   Currently processed blueberries such as frozen, dried, purees and concentrates are used in the regional food industry.   Fresh also makes it to market, but we see a boom when the market is eventually opened.

Here are some more photos:

APHIS officials from USA and Vietnam as well as US Embassy officials participated in the ribbon cutting ceremony at the new office in Ha Noi.

Here is Hana on the far left along with a group of Vietnam businesspersons at a reception.

Hana made sure that all of the officials knew that USA blueberries are on the move and on the ground in Vietnam!  She reminded all of the importance of market access for fresh blueberries to our growers back home.  They listened!

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