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Tuesday, February 6, 2018

North Carolina Blueberry Moonshine

Ten years ago, Dr. Mike Mainland of North Carolina State University handed me a jar of Junior Johnston's Midnight Moon -- Blueberry Moonshine.   This is a legal moonshine bottled at 100 proof, 50% by alcohol volume.   The term "moonshine" is a term for a high proof distilled spirit which has been produced without government authorization or taxation.  Today production of these spirits has been legalized in a number of counties and is a legitimate business.  

As all of you south of the Mason-Dixon line know -- Junior Johnson is a legendary stock car driver -- with "nine lives" as they say in the business.  He honed his fast driving skills in the adult-beverage transportation business.  They call it "Moonshine Running."

Here is the jar of Junior's best. And thank you Mike!

Few family recipes carry a jail sentence.  But, to Junior Johnson's family, it was a way of life.  With the law on his heels, Junior ran the finest moonshine to the dry rural south.  Midnight Moon follows the Johnson family, small batch recipe.  It is proudly made with our very own hands and crafted with all natural blueberries!  

Tom's comment: Sometimes moonshine is pretty harsh.   Definitely strong and flammable!  Keep away from open flames!  The blueberry flavor really came through.   Time to order another jar!

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