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Saturday, February 17, 2018

Making Things Happen in India!

In 2015 when USHBC made it's first visit to India there were few if any locally made blueberry products.   Almost nobody knew anything about blueberries -- in fact some thought blue colored berries were poison.  Even Indo-Canadians and Americans told us getting blueberries to India was a hopeless cause.

Things have really changed.  How did it happen?  A lot of hard work, train rides, factory visits, seminars and exhibitions in all of the regions of India.   This is an all out campaign to meet, connect and raise:

Trial/Evaluation of US blueberries and blueberry products.

Beam ahead to 2017.

USHBC with the "Blueberry Raj" have met with just about all of the companies in this video.   It involved in -the-field action -- meetings, sampling and followup, followup followup.  These are not meetings by a quick stop trade mission from the USA, but initial contacts and introductions, sampling followup, trials and work to acceptance.

And things have happened.  Each colored bar on the above Mintel Product Chart can be traced to USHBC activities in India.

And activities such as the Real Blueberries
Seal will keep the momentum going!

We are just getting started!

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