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Sunday, September 2, 2018

More Food Ingredent India Action!

Food Ingredients India (FII) in Greater Noida (Delhi) concluded today.   Our FoodTech Raj Kapoor says it was a big success.   This year we opted for a double wide booth and set up a "Blueberry Lounge."  This allowed room for meetings.   In advance of the show, Raj invited dozens of current sellers of frozen dried and further processed blueberries to the show.   These early-adapter companies are extremely important for market development.  They already have product in-country and most companies are looking for local supplies much smaller than the full-container loads.   These companies participated in the event along with USHBC and this teamwork really pays off with good will and more business in the food industry sector.  

At the same time new players visited the booth and this included companies from far off regions who have heard the news about USA blueberries!   These companies are handled differently and leads are passed back to the home office for follow-up and connection to the USA suppliers.  One thing for sure -- several years ago when we exhibited -- it was pretty lonely at the Blueberry Booth.  Now, we are really a center of attraction!  USA Blueberries are hot!

Mascot Fans were a bit hit again in Delhi -- imagine 89 F and 70% humidity outside!   

You may be wondering what the guy in the white shirt is doing on the smart phone all of the time. He is adding visitor names to the USHBC-India What's ap group.  It is a really active group and once you are on it you are connected to all sorts of interaction with blueberry-interested  peers!

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